Finkelstein Gallery Presents: Finkelstein Gallery Artists

August 29 - September 28, 2019

Cigdem Aydemir

A socially and politically engaged art practice which investigates possibilities for intersubjective and transcultural communication with an interest in post- colonial and feminist issues.


Kate Baker

Work which merges photography, film and print technologies with the mediums of studio glass and metal fabrication, erasing the traditional divisions between them.


Monika Behrens

A contemporary practice developed within the realm of still life painting.



Responding to the pulse of contemporary culture and its addiction to consumption and youth, a pop artist for the 21st century.


Deborah Kelly

A practice with projects across media which are concerned with lineages of representation, politics and history in public exchange, and practices of collectivity on small and large scale.


Louise Paramor

Well known for large-scale public art commissions, which often combine formal concerns with a pop-inspired sensibility.


Lisa Roet

Work which examines just what it is to be human as its central driving force, with a commitment to exploring environmental issues and genetic discoveries through an interdisciplinary approach to the practice.


Kate Rohde

Well known for a jewellery and sculptural object based practice, nowadays working predominately with resin and hand casting techniques.


Sonal Kantaria (UK)

Film and photography work which has been exhibited widely in the UK and internationally.


Kim Lieberman (South Africa)

A practice which explores responsibility, generosity and social response, through working with various items, including lace, post, puzzles and money, all part of ancient or antique traditions.