Introducing another one of our artists, Lisa Roet

Introducing another one of our artists, Lisa Roet.
For over three decades just what it is to be human has been the driving force behind Lisa Roet’s art practice. Lisa responds to the image of the ape and monkey as humans closest animal relative, the ape acting as a mirror and social commentary to remind us of the necessity to re-evaluate our position within this increasingly urbanised world. She is committed to exploring environmental issues and genetic discoveries through an interdisciplinary approach to her practice. Lisa has contributed a number of works to our opening exhibition, ‘Finkelstein Gallery Presents…’

You can also see works by Lisa at @theviviangallery as part of the group show of both Australian and New Zealander women, Still No Answer.
Love Stories – Part I, 2017 Ed. 1/5
patinated bronze
920 x 620 x 750mm