Marta Figueiredo joins Finkelstein Gallery

We are honoured to announce representation of Portugese 
Marta Figueiredo (b. 1979) is a Portuguese architect & multidisciplinary artist based in NAARM/Melbourne. In 2016, she founded her design practice which unites innovative technology and craft to produce playfulness, joy, and sensory experimentation.

With her works she wants to challenge beliefs about standardisation, sustainability, and prompt discussions about new ways design can speak to a broader sensory experience.
With this approach, she’s pushing into a new kind of artistic expression in design that aims to instigate a richer, more layered interaction between individual and object - one that has the potential to be different for each person, depending on the particularities of their mind and body.

Marta is motivated by a desire to challenge the notion of design and find alternatives to irresponsible mass production and the concept of the "average individual" as a consumer.
Marta has received various awards (High Commendation Clarence Prize for Excellence in Furniture Design 2021, Fringe Furniture Experimental Design Award 2018) and nominations for several others (Finalist Australian Furniture Design Award (AFDA) 2020).

Her works have been included in a number of shows both in Australia and abroad, including Shanghai, Paris, the Brussels Collectible Fair, and Milan Design Week and collections (Metaphores - Hermès Holding Textiles).
August 12, 2022