New Finkelstein artist

We are pleased to announce representation of Rebecca Hazard. 


Rebecca is an Auckland based arist, whose practice currently explores ' Raw Meat'  through the medium of oil paint. 


In painting choreographed mounds of meat, Rebecca Hazard's recent work speaks to analogies of the body as canvas, and paint as flesh. The confronting size and painstaking detail of Rebecca's 'grotesquely beautiful' oil paintings, are a humbling reminder of our own mortality and ephemerality, as ultimately meat and animal ourselves. Immersed in these recent, large works, the viewer is made increasingly aware of the act of spectatorship as embodied within a complex system of flesh contemplating itself- conscious meat. Exuding its raw potential, we are reminded of meat's origins and our dissipating relationship to the natural world as part of the Anthropocene age.

June 21, 2022