2019 / 2020: Finkelstein Gallery Artists

November 27 - December 21, 2019

Fresh from her recent solo exhibition at Finkelstein Gallery, Coady continues to question the vast appetite of consumerism with her brightly coloured, Pop Art-inspired work and Kate Rohde’s brilliantly decorative mash-ups of rococo ornaments and taxidermy animals are fitting companions for Jacqui Stockdale’s collages, uniquely constructed from old costumes, books and repurposed paintings. In a similar vein, Kim Lieberman threads together ripped pieces of paper currency with antique lace, weaving delicate yet symbolically complex maps tracing geographical elements and human experiences. Also utilising the medium of assemblage, Louise Paramor incorporates found plastics into the stacked forms of her Supermodel series and Deborah Kelly challenges the tropes of art history, religion and female sexuality in richly detailed images layered with paper collage, watercolours and metallic pigments. 


Travel and research are at the heart of many inclusions in 2019/2020. Works by Monika Behrens and Lisa Roet reflect the creative outcomes of recent travels to Paris and Borneo while Cigdem Aydemir’s photographs consider cultural and personal experiences of the veiled woman, documenting the artist sunbathing at the beach as a way to reconnect her past with the present. In November 2019, London-based Sonal Kantaria returned to Western Australia to spend time on country collaborating with Aboriginal Elder Gordon Gray, creating new black and white photographs evoking the landscape and its link to identity and culture. Comparatively, the multiple layers of contemporary life are explored in Kate Baker’s x-ray-like images, innovatively produced by using a UV flatbed to digitally print multiple images onto the transparent and reflective materials of glass and aluminium.