November 11 - 21, 2021
COADY experiments with form and scale in the context of acrylic works and paintings and examines issues of socio-psychological concerns. Central to COADY’s practice is the reflection on the pharmaceutical industry and society’s dependence on it.

"Years of experimenting and testing limits, both conceptually and in terms of access to new technologies, have resulted in the development of a range of artworks focusing on the control of our bodies, experiences of bodily detachment and enhancement, and the alluring promise that medicine can offer a condensed chemical pill to enhance the way we feel and behave, against our instincts and ‘true’ nature. It is hoped that the mind and the body can be aligned."


A solo exhibition GOING VIRAL reflects on the period of the last 18 months, which is described as one of the most challenging periods of the past decade.
Going Viral lightheartedly addresses the emotional horrors and insecurities that society has gone through and sheds light on its love-hate relationship with the pharmaceutical industry.